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Travel Insurance

Our Travel Insurance is available as an annual multi-trip policy, or as short term policies to cover single trips. If you need cover for a single trip you can set your start and end dates, and we'll calculate the premium. If you are taking several holidays over the year, chances are the multi trip will provide better value for money. We even include winter sports cover on our annual policies to save you looking for another supplier later in the year.

If you have already made travel arrangements and do not have travel insurance you should start your cover immediately to ensure that you are covered in case you need to cancel your trip before you go. You can select a cover start date within 30 days of today’s date.

Winter sports cover included FREE

Please provide us with the length of cover you require.
Cover start date is required.
Cover end date is required.

Cover can only be purchased up to 30 days in advance.

Cover can only be purchased up to 120 days in advance.

We can provide travel insurance for cycling in Europe, Worldwide, or Worldwide excluding the USA, Canada the Caribbean, Mexico and Japan.

Please let us know where you plan to travel.

We provide discounts for couples, families and groups purchasing together. Even if you aren't all riding, family cover will ensure the cyclist is completely covered while riding, while the whole family is covered for any other eventuality on holiday.

Please let us know who to cover.
Number of travellers to be covered is required.

Firstname is required

Surname is required

The date selected is invalid. Please check the date and supply a valid date.
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Have you or any of your travelling companions ever suffered from, been investigated for, treated for or diagnosed with;
- Any cancer or malignant condition?
- Any lung, heart-related or circulatory condition (including angina or hypertension)?

The question above needs to be answered.

Do you or your travelling companions have any condition that has required referral to or consultation with a specialist or hospital for treatment, investigation or check-up within the past 12 months?

The question above needs to be answered.

No cover is available under this policy for any claim which is directly or indirectly linked to the medical condition(s) which caused you to answer Yes to either of the questions above.

If you have answered yes to any of the medical questions you will need to confirm the statement above.
  • I understand no cover is available under this policy for any claim which is directly or indirectly linked to the medical condition(s) which caused me to answer 'Yes' to either of the questions above.

  • I have never been convicted of a criminal offence which is required to be disclosed under the rehabilitation of offenders' act at the date of this insurance application.

  • I have never had a policy cancelled, voided or renewal refused.

  • My trip has not yet started.

  • My trip will start and end in my country of residence.

  • Where single trip is selected the dates selected above cover the full duration of my trip.

You must agree with the statments above to proceed.
You may only proceed if all required fields above have been supplied. Please review the message(s) above in order to proceed.
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