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Travel Insurance

Total Incl. Tax

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    Bicycle Insurance: Bicycle Adjustment: {{BasketCost.BicycleCost | currency:"£"}}
    Bicycle Discount: -{{BasketCost.BicycleDiscount | currency:"£"}}
    Travel Insurance: {{BasketCost.TravelCost | currency:"£"}}
    Travel Discount: -{{BasketCost.TravelDiscount | currency:"£"}}
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Please provide us with the length of cover you require
Please let us know who to cover

Family: Parents or grandparents (up to a maximum of two adults) and their children or grandchildren (up to a maximum of six). Cover for families shall apply where the appropriate premium has been paid and where the family members travel together. Adults insured on an annual multi-trip policy are entitled to travel independently of each other. Cover for children will only be provided if travelling with an insured adult and all travellers are named on your schedule.

Please let us know where you plan to travel
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Bicycle Insurance
Bicycle Adjustment
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Bicycle Discount
-{{BasketCost.BicycleDiscount | currency:"£"}}
Travel Insurance
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Travel Discount
-{{BasketCost.TravelDiscount | currency:"£"}}
Sub Total Insurance
Sub Total
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Sub Total Addons
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Total Cost Including Tax

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  • Trip Cancellation, £5,000
  • Medical Expenses, £10m
  • Repatriation, £10m
  • Dental Treatment, £500
  • Hospital Benefit, £500
  • Valuables, £5,000
  • Delayed Baggage, £250
  • Personal Money, £500
  • Travel Delay, £250
  • Holiday Abandonment, £5,000
  • Missed Departure, £1,000
  • Loss of Limbs or Sight, £20,000
  • Permanent Disablement, £20,000
  • Death Benefit, £10,000
  • Personal Liability, £2m
Cycle Cover
  • Emergency Cycle Hire, £500
  • Race Fee Cancellation Cover, £500
  • Cycle Breakdown Benefit, £200
  • Cycle Repatriation Benefit, £250
  • Gadget Cover, £2,000
Winter Sports (Annual Only)
  • Ski Equipment, £350
  • Ski Hire, £300
  • Ski Pack, £200
  • Piste Closure, £300
  • Delay due to Avalanche, £300

This summary is for cover UP TO the amount shown, full details can be read in the policy summary HERE